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How do you keep awake the night of the exam to study without feeling exhausted

Simple tips to keep yourself awake the night of the exam to study without feeling exhausted

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I think you all know the symptoms of the side exams bizarre situation in which obsessed during the study, such as the desire to eat all the time and planning for the years ahead percent of life, increase social activities suspiciously and the desire to visit all the relatives and remember all the accumulated tasks deferred, and perhaps most important of these symptoms case sudden sleep obsessed during hours of deliberations, which increases the probability of occurrence for the long vigil of the study for the exam the night, especially when the habit is the study be postponed until the last days of the exam.

It is known that the lack of deep sleep caused many risks to health and may lead to your fall asleep inside the exam room and go all your trouble down the drain, and we also know that the study early in her morning more interest, but because the majority tend to drop out of school to the last night before the exam, and because many do not have the opportunity to study in a secluded and comfortable surroundings during the day.

Here in this article we will talk about the most important steps that can be taken during the exam period to spend the night Examination active and effective without leading to sleep in the exam room, or you miss the schedule if you decide to take a break after a month of into a deep sleep from the intensity of fatigue, and begin these preparations since the beginning of the day. 

1. Your Health Matters

Sleep is very important for a person and if the iPod has a negative impact on your health and you should avoid working on providing the right atmosphere for study during the day. And also it is important to take a break and sleep for some time in the afternoon or the age of viability and to ensure the rest of the night. 

2. Be interested in the food you eat

Start your day with a protein-rich food because proteins are the basis for the promotion of energy, and whenever you need to give yourself a boost, you should eat foods rich in protein such as eggs, low-fat cheese. In this they have shipped and become able to concentrate for 24 hours to come. It is also important to avoid a late lunch and heavy meals that make you feel sleepy.

3. Stay away from cumbersome business

From the beginning of the day, you should start saving power of the ability to study and required to withstand the mental stress for a long time not to do anything that requires hard physical labor throughout the day: Reduce the modern, from the movements and even the use of mobile electronic devices and then turn off all sources of distraction, such as phones and correspondence.

4. Avoid coffee

You're wrong if you think that coffee helps you stay awake at night, the caffeine usually acts a detonator to sleep. You should avoid coffee or energy drinks altogether. You should instead drink a glass of water every half hour, so keep your body and mind active all night to study without coffee.

5. Know your sources of distraction

Turn off all sources of distraction, such as telephones and the mail is better if you have the internet switched off to avoid the constant notices It is essential that you create a special place you that you can concentrate it on your studies, it is better if you leave your phone in another room so as not to spend the night in talking with friends until up to sleep and you carry it.

How do you keep awake the night of the exam to study without feeling exhausted
Mahmoud Emad Elerian
writer at www.newsandstory.com