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Ever thought of studying all night but ended up getting bored and dozed off? Well no more, here are some tips to survive night study, or even just improve your concentration.

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You might sometimes feel at the top of you energy or may feel a bit low at times. And all of us at some point of time feel de-energized only while studying. So here are some tips for you to help focus.

You?re going to need to boost your energy levels somehow. If you have a high caffeine tolerance and you know it won?t make you jittery or restless, try coffee or tea while you study. Caffeine in small amounts can drastically improve your energy and focus for long nights of studying. Another good idea for you is to avoid sugary foods if you?re going to snack, because they can make you crash sooner. Instead, stick to a protein rich snack or fruit. 

Studies show that having a distraction-free work-space that you use each day will help you focus; if you are in the same environment every day, your brain will remember that it?s time to concentrate and study whenever you go there. If your regular study space has too many distractions, try relocating. You may find that the kitchen table is a much more effective place to get work done than in your bedroom, where your TV and Facebook and Xbox are tempting you to break focus on studying.  
Consistent, over-time studying is much more effective and helps you retain information better than cramming the night before a test. You hear ?time management? from your teachers all the time, and although it?s annoying, it?s quite true. The difference that ten minutes of studying new material each night can make in the long run will surprise you. 

Sleep, sleep, sleep! You know how much sleep your body needs, and it?s sad but true that some can run off of much less than others. Stop checking your social networking sites and sleep instead. A good night?s sleep does much more for your body than a quick trip to Starbucks in the morning, and as a teenager you need more sleep for your body to function properly than you ever will again in your lifetime. Also, if you are about to study at night and it is impossible for you to stay awake at one in the morning, take a nap. Twenty minutes of rest could make you feel significantly more refreshed and energized. 
It?s difficult when you?re stressing over that paper that you absolutely must get done, but taking breaks between assignments or at intervals throughout your study time could help you focus, and of course studying hardly is not the most exciting thing to do. To keep yourself interested, be sure to reward yourself often for your hard work. 

Never stress to hard on studying. If you want, play occasional games and enjoy a wee bit sometimes because living is more important than studying!
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Shreyash Singh