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NewsAndStory is a platform that enables one to read write and share knowledge and information. We provide a platform to write and share knowledge and information to the large community on the internet. You can log in and start writing articles on your expertise and or on your company or products and share them with a broader internet community.

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We provide a complete solution to share your thoughts, knowledge, informations, and products informations online.

Publication Services

We allow to post good quality sponsored articles in our platform given it does not violates our terms and conditions. The user can directly write and publish the article online.

How to create and post sponsored articles in newsandstory.

We charge a small publication fee of $2 (one time) and annual fee of $1 (free for first year) to ensure that one does not post spammy articles. That also helps us to keep the platform up and running and continue providing our services.

Writing services

We have an experienced group of expert writers who can write excellent articles relevant to your products and services. Write us at [email protected] if you want us to write on your product and services

Advertising services

We publish good quality articles on various topics such as technology, lifestyle healthcare, business, and education. And we monetize the articles with relevant advertisements. You can target your potential customers using our in-page advertisement service which is just for $2 per advertisement per month.

How to publish in in page advertisement in newsandstory.

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