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Important things you must do to learn how to speak fluent English

It has become learn English is indispensable in many of the affairs of our daily lives, whether travel, study or work, or even daily reading. Learn what is the best way to speak English fluently

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It has become learn English is indispensable in many of the affairs of our daily lives, whether travel, study or work, or even daily reading, and to learn any language and mastering well, you should be able to basic skills: listening, reading skill, the skill of writing, and the skill to talk.

We will discuss in this article are some steps and tips to help you master the English speaking skill.

The talk of the most difficult skills that most of the pupils facing some difficulties and obstacles skill, maybe due traditional misconceptions of the methods taught by the students in the schools, which rely solely on keeping words and save Grammar without practice the language properly through talks in English, and training the correct pronunciation of words dialect.

Prior to mentioning the steps that follow to speak English fluently, there are some tips and observations that must be understood by even make the journey of learning easy and fun process:

1. Believe in yourself

I know very well that the linguistic and grammatical mistakes while speaking in English is the way to learn and effective tool to reach your goal, confidence and always remember that the lack of being able to start to speak fluently is a natural thing, English is not your first language.

Mocking a fault may be before the others so magic solution avoids worry if you feel embarrassed by the sarcastic comments of others, remember that continuing your attempts to acquire a new skill add yours is in itself a great job both reached the destination desired on time or not, and will surely reap impressive results whenever distanced yourself from the impact of stress and tension.

Students who learn in an atmosphere of pleasure and fun without pressure, and they have the ability to accept their mistakes can continue, and have knowingly on what to do, and what you must avoid falling into it again, so I try to make learning this skill something interesting is not a burden to you, and of course you are lovers of learning and you have the desire to achieve success as long as you read these lines.

2. Put your goal set up your eyes, "Always remember "

There is no doubt that learning another language is not easy, especially mastery of spoken skill, so you must be aware of stimuli that pushes you in difficult times, which is sure you will pass out in your learning of the language trip, some people trying to master this skill to pass the tests, such as TOEFL or IELTS even being able to attend various universities in other countries, and others are trying to pass a personal interview in the function of the dreams, and from there for migration seeks to another country so you will not be able to communicate only perfectly this skill, and all of these reasons is the stimuli will affect significant influence, and pay anyone seeking to learn this skill to continue, the more your goal specific and clear in front of you whenever your insistence increased to meet the challenges that are offset in your way.

Remember that the lessor the disappearance of enthusiasm to learn the language, unfortunately, will not do you any tips or steps; you will not be able to continue for a long time, while the mastery of language skills required to continue and cumulative.

3. Ask for help from people who encourage you

To reap effective results in practice speaking skill, it is best to take your environment society gives you positive energy, especially at the beginning of your way, for example, may agree with a friend speaks fluent English and has the ability to encourage you for the allocation of time talking it in English only, you have been looking for a group of individuals interested to establish a society that seeks to target the same on one of the social networking sites to become the way you talk through it in English only in your daily affairs, or in one of the topics interesting, and thus have the opportunity to motivate one another and correct the mistakes, and then gaining the trust that is a factor essential to practice this skill without feeling ashamed or fear.

4. Stay away from the comparison "understand your abilities and your potential."

of us have abilities and its own potential, so if you find your friend has mastered this skill larger you fast, do not bother, it does not mean you do not make every effort, that's why you should avoid comparing your level OTHERS, but compare your level this month, your level the previous month and then will you may assess the effort to get to your goal, and if you are going in the right way or not, and even making progress pushes you forward must establish from the beginning realistic goals suited to your capabilities and your circumstances.

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Mahmoud Emad Elerian
writer at www.newsandstory.com