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How to drive safely? and How to stop a vehicle safely in brake failure situation?

There are many tips and rules to drive safely.

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     Nowadays, vehicle is most important thing for transportation by population growth and boroughs. And also safe driving is most important in this population growth. If follow the traffic rules avoid the accidents. Also many tips to drive safely in population. First we discuss a traffic rules.
     Rules of the road and driving etiquette are the general practices and procedures that road users are required to follow. These rules usually apply to all road users, though they are of special importance to motorists and cyclists. These rules govern interactions between vehicles and with pedestrians. 
     As a general rules, drivers are expected to avoid a collision with another vehicle and pedestrians, regardless of whether or not the applicable rules of the road allow them to be where they happen to be. In many countries, the rules of the road are already decided, if any one break the rules they should be punished.  Every country follow unique rules and regulations.
  • Maintain a proper safe distance - it will give you time for evaluating and making right decisions. 
  • Reduce speed and increase following distance after dark and in poor weather conditions. 
  • Look well down the intended path of travel and stay in the center of the lane.
  • Pay close attention and be prepared to adjust speed and safe distance to traffic and road and weather conditions. 
  • Maintain your vehicle's brakes in good condition. Tires are suitable for local road and weather conditions and inspect them before each trip.
  • Never attempt to teach someone a lesson on the road. 
  • Maintain your speed.
  • If possible, move away form the center of the road to allow the tailgater to pass safely or change lane to allow them to overtake.
How to stop the vehicle in break failure situation?
     Every person knows whether your vehicle break system. That is breaks are anti-lock brakes or regular brakes. If your brakes get failure, you want to do three things. First downshift to a lower gear. Second, if you have regular brakes pump the brake pedal fast and hard to build up brake fluid pressure. If the brakes haven't started working after three or four pumps go on the step three which is use the parking brake. Gradually apply the parking brake and be prepared for the card to skid.
     If none of the brakes work, put the car into a low gear and steer in a safe direction until the car completely rolls to a stop. Don't turn the steering wheel too much but just enough to avoid obstacles. If your are at highway speeds it may be advisable to scrap your car against the guard rail or divider using the friction to slow the car down. If you do this, come in at a shallow angle and gently rub the car against it.
     If you have anti-lock brakes, you should practice sudden stops on both dry and wet pavement in a safe off street situation. When using anti-lock brakes the rule of thumb is to press the pedal all the way to the floor.
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