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What are different ways to Hide IP Address?

IP addresses are nothing more than system identifiers. In version IPv4, IP addresses are defined as a 32-bit number

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5 different ways to Hide Your IP Address
1. Get a VPN Software
Probably the best and most convenient way for changing your IP is to choose a good VPN service.
 Hide?s your IP address 
Encrypts your internet traffic 
Allows you safely torrent 
Allows you to get access to geo-blocked sites like Netflix.
2. Use a Proxy ? Slower than VPN
Proxy servers are great little tools which act as a bridge in the flow of your internet traffic. These man-in-the-middle servers connect your information packets to their desired destination while changing their appearance as they go through the Proxy.
Proxy servers are very efficient at low profile necessities such as bypassing geo-blocked content or IP restrictions. Being able to mask your real IP address is where the similarities between VPNs and Proxies end.
Connect your web browser to a proxy server. Great! You can watch all the Netflix you want, don?t go torrenting files, however.
3. Use TOR ? FREE
TOR, named after the original project ?The Onion Router? is a free client which anonymously connects you to volunteer-operated network of servers. This enables you to be assigned a new IP address, on the same basis as a VPN client.
Also known as the ?dark/deep? web, Tor has the added benefit of enabling you to access websites, otherwise inaccessible with normal browsers. Such ?onion? websites have very different domain names as they are mostly randomly generated. 
4. Use Mobile Network ? Slow and not encrypted
A quick way to change your IP address, if you fear yours has been compromised, is to use your cell phone?s data. As it?s a different system, it will have a different IP address. This, of course, is no substitute to a laptop workstation.
It may aid you in rare emergency situations, when your IP is obviously being attacked, but outside of that, relying on Mobile Data is both ineffective and short-sighted. 
5. Connect to Public Wi-Fi
As IP addresses don?t travel with you, using your laptop to connect to a coffee shop?s open Wi-Fi network is an easy way to change your IP address. Same as with Mobile Data, this is neither an effective IP change method, nor a sustainable way of surfing anonymously & securely.
There are many risks when using such open hotspots networks.
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