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How to connect android Smartwatch with iphone?

There's no need to buy an expensive Apple Watch, because you can connect Android Wear to an iPad or iPhone.

1.While this is for an iPhone or iPad, you will still need an Android device that can connect to the Moto 360 to set things up. Along with that, you'll also need two applications.
For the Android device: Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS by Codegy

For the iOS device: BLE Utility by Runware
2.On the Moto 360, launch the newly installed Wear Connect application and toggle on "iOS Service." You will then receive a "Disconnected" notification from Aerlink that can be ignored for now.
3.On the iPhone or iPad, launch BLE Utility. Within this application, select "Peripheral" and leave this tab open while you switch back to the Moto 360.
4.Back on the Moto 360  go ahead and tap the Aerlink notification.On your first time connecting, you may need to enter the provided Bluetooth code. It should take second or two, but the device will indeed connect to your iPhone or iPad.

The Moto 360 does let you receive notifications and even answer phone calls but unfortunately  you can't interact too much.

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Android Smartwatch with iphone
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