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How to stop spam from occupying your email?

Some spam tricks can filter and ends up in your inbox.

To reduce these issues:
Train your filter
When you find spam in your inbox Select it, and tell your mail client that this particular message is spam. If you’re using Gmail’s website, click the Report spam button in the toolbar.

Do not respond to spam
If you recognize something as spam before you open it, don’t open it. If you open it and then realize it’s spam, close it. Do not click a link or a button, or download a file, from a message that you even remotely suspect is spam.It may hack your system.
Hide your email address
The more people who have your email address, the more spam you’re going to get. So keep your address close to you. Don’t publish it on the web unless you absolutely have to.  And if you have to, use a different address for that purpose.
Use any third-party anti-spam filter
Most of the major security suites come with an anti-spam filter that can augment the one on your client—but only if that client is local. In other words, they can work with Office’s Outlook program, but not with Outlook.com.
Change your email address
If you’ve responded to spam in the past or haven’t hidden your address, and are therefore overloaded with spam, it may be your best option.
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