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What is Live Preview Feature in Microsoft Word 2007?

Here Information help us to understand What is Live Preview feature in Microsoft word 2007.

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What is Live Preview Feature in Microsoft Word 2007?
Live Preview:
Live preview is a new and exciting feature introduced in Word 2007. It allows you to view the result of selecting an option from a drop-down list or gallery prior to applying it. With the Live Preview feature, you need not select each and every option to find the right one. You can simply place the mouse over each of the options and see a preview of the effect that the selection of an option will cause. When you place the mouse away from the option, the live preview of that option will disappear.
Figure-1 shows that some text is selected and Figure-2 shows a live preview of selecting a font size of 24 for the selected text.
If you do not wish to see a preview of the options, you can disable the Live Preview feature.
Let us perform the following steps to disable the Live Preview feature:
  1. Click the Office Button. The Office menu appears as shown in Figure-3.
  2. Click the Word Options buttons, as shown in Figure-3.
  3. The Word Options dialog box appears as shown in Figure-4.
  4. Clear the Enable Live Preview check box as shown in Figure-4 on the Popular tab, which is selected by default.
  5. Click the OK button, as shown in Figure-4.
The Live Preview feature is disabled. If you wish to enable the Live Preview feature, then you can do so by following the above-mentioned steps only this time you need to select the Enable Live Preview check box.
What is a Live Preview
Click Office Button
Enable Live Preview
Word Options
Microsoft Office- Microsoft Word 2007- Live Preview Feature.
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