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Best Smart Speakers for your Home!

Smart Speakers are the most successful invention in terms of compatibility and assistant to the user. Smart speakers are the booming new category in tech with Amazon and Google leading the way. Find out about them.

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Best Smart Speakers for your Home! 

Smart Speakers are the most successful invention in terms of compatibility and assistant to the user. Smart speakers are the booming new category in tech with Amazon and Google leading the way. A smart speaker is an audio speaker that you can talk to and interact with; smart speakers help you in browsing the phone details while you are occupied with some other work. You might already know about smart speakers because now even your smartphone has one, just like Siri. 

Smart Speakers are internet connected virtual assistants ? just like Siri, Cortana and others ? which can answer questions, tell you the latest news and weather, play music and control smart home gadgets such as heating, air conditioning, lights, and switches. Like regular speakers, smart versions come in various shapes, sizes, and prices. 

Unlike Bluetooth or wireless speakers that need to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, a smart speaker is a far more versatile choice. Whether you're lying on the sofa or cooking in the kitchen, you're in control: you can pause and play your music, choose a new artist or genre, ask for a news update, or even add products to a weekly shopping list, all with a set of simple voice commands. In short, you can ask them anything you'd otherwise ask your smart phone's assistant, such as Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa. 

Smart Speakers by Amazon

Amazon has the widest range, with larger speakers like the Echo and Sonos One for music in the living room, smaller speakers like the Echo Dot in the kitchen for timers and podcasts, and screen-equipped devices like the Echo Spot and Echo Show for bedside alarm clocks and weather reports. 

The Amazon Echo Show ($229) is the biggest of them all. Its features a 7in touchscreen, a large speaker, a 5-megapixel front camera, and looks rather like a digital photo frame. At the other end of the scale, there's the Amazon Echo Dot and Home Mini, both of which are tiny devices which will fit unobtrusively anywhere around the house ? these have multiple microphones to hear you from across the room, and a small, basic internal speaker. The Echo is smaller, better looking and cheaper than the original. It has a removable shell so you can change its appearance, too. 

Then there's the likes of Sonos' One($199), which is roughly around the size of a bag of flour ? still small enough to sit unobtrusively on a side table, but has amplification and drivers big enough to fill a room with full-bodied, crisp-sounding music. The Sonos One is the best smart speaker; it is more expensive than rivals but really is worth the extra for a huge difference in sound quality - not forgetting about design and build, too. Things will get even better when Google Assistant comes along. 

Smart Speakers by Google 

Google has the Google Home Mini ($99), the Google Home ($129), and the Google Home Max ($400). Google Assistant can understand up to six people's voices, answering calendar queries or playing playlists based on their own Google accounts. 

The Google Home is the best smart speaker in terms of a balancing price, design, sound quality and features. It answers all the questions, keeps us entertained and up to date and even turns on and off the lights. It is quite literally one of the best and most exciting talking points your home will see.   

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Sandeep Semwal
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