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What is Workbook (File) in Excel?

Here Information help us to understand about Workbook in Excel in detail.

What is WORKBOOK (File) in Excel?
A file where you store your data is known as the workbook in Excel.
An Excel file is termed as a Workbook.
A workbook is made up of a number of worksheets.
Workbook can be considered as a Fullscape book and a worksheet can be a single paper of that book. Individual sheets of the workbook are identified by the labeled tabs called as Sheet tabs.
A new workbook by default has three worksheets. If required more sheets can be added to the workbook.
Opening a New Workbook (file) in Excel:
Click Start--> All Programs--> Microsoft Office-- > Excel.
To open a new workbook.
  • Click on File option in the Menu bar.
  • Click on New in the dropdown Menu.
  • The New dialog box appears as shown above.
  • Select the General tab in the dialog box and click on Workbook icon.
  • Click on OK button.
A new workbook opens with Sheet1 displayed on the screen ready to accept the data from you.
What is Workbook
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