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Top 3 sinister figures in the history of cinema

The balance which is created by the presence of both good and evil in human life. Know who played best villein role in the cinema of all the time

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The balance which is created by the presence of both good and evil in human life, it cannot deny the importance of evil roles in the film in any way, but on the contrary, in many cases, we find that the greatness and strength of the movie business is closely linked to personal force of evil and under duress, For this, we have prepared a list of these that we tried which highlight the strongest and the best 10 sinister roles in the history of cinema.

Warning: This article contains the burning of the events of some films

The Joker:

Movie: The Dark Knight 
Year: 2008 
Performance: Heath Ledger 

Perhaps we all agree that our love for the second part of the trilogy The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan is due mainly to the "Joker", not to Batman or Harvey and others, and even if you do not share my opinion, you certainly will agree with me that this villain has kidnapped all the lights and the attention of the main character, and the excellent reputation enjoyed by the film is mainly due to this personal.

This profile are of paramount importance in the world of Batman and his stories set in spite of the huge number of bad guys who are confronted with Batman in Gotham, and despite the fact that this character has been performed by several representatives of the party over the decades, and for the wonderful headed "Jake Nicholson," but the late star Heath Ledger was the only one who gave a piece of his soul in order to perfect this role which gave for "Joker" dimensions scary, fun, and painful at the same time.

The different character Joker from other sinister film characters who share with them in the degree of shrewdness and cunning, the motivation factor, because what motivates this man to do what they do not come back to look for money nor fame nor revenge nor other traditional motives of the man, but what It holds "Joker" is the idea and the view wants to deliver for all and prove that he can sow chaos of nothing, and the extraction side of the worst and most darkest of personal best people and the most adherent to the principles and values, whether we understand the point of view Joker or not, it has been corroborated in any case, advance us one of the best films of the third millennium at all.

Kaiser Susie:

Movie: The Usual Suspects 
Year: 1995 
Performance: Kevin Spacey 

Well, if you saw anyone this film now will be able to guess the end of the film in a few minutes, because it been repeated in dozens of movies to the point of becoming with the consumer and very naive, but this does not diminish the value of this work to form, when issued, revolution in a world of mystery and suspense films it was then considered applying the genius in every sense of the word, which made the film wins an Academy Award for best original text, as well as selected by the American film Institute in 2008 the best film ambiguity in history.

We are talking here about the ending is revealed to us the identity of the "Kaiser Susie," as the legendary leader who spent the whole movie we hear tales about his achievements and brutality that terrorizes the biggest criminals and the most dangerous, by "Roger" Idiot, which we discovered in the end that it is the "Kaiser Susie " .or maybe we did not discover anything. The way they were presented the film by the events, make it difficult to even know that there was a hidden criminal named "Kaiser Susie" and shall move the strings without anyone knows anything about him than his name ,whatever the name of the "real villain" in the film, Kevin Spacey remains performer "personalities" worthy of an Academy Award won by its own right.

The nurse Rachid:

Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 
Year: 1975 
Performance: Lewis Fletcher 

Move on to the film winning five major awards ceremony of the Academy Awards in 1976, that is, each of the Best Actor in a Leading Role award, best film, best text, best director, and what concerns us here is the Best Actress in a Leading Role, which won the Louis Fletcher thanks to their performance award the historical role of the nurse Rachid, those brutal personal to the point where it seemed criminal cunning as "Randall Makarfi" people full of humanity.

For as long as the use of the nursing profession in sinister roles, perhaps because the idea of exploiting the "Angel of Mercy" for her patients and the possibility of their status at their mercy at a time do not have it do not hula powerless because of the deterioration of their health, which it controls as you like, is a very scary idea, but the nurse Rachid mastered evil and excelled in it, the attack and torture practiced by the patients is not to touch the safety of physical than in its tortured psychologically and play with their minds and destroy their lives into parts using very provocative practices and does not know the meaning of mercy, and what is more chilling is that these patients are basically guests mental institution.

best villein
The Joker
Kaiser Susie
The nurse Rachid
The Dark Knight
Heath Ledger
The Usual Suspects
Kevin Spacey
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Lewis Fletcher
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