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Rules for designing a form

Here, we discuss about what is form and its rules to design it in detail as follows-

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Rules for designing a form
First, we understand what is a form?
A form on a webpage allows a user to enter data just like a paper form. It can be used to send data to the server or retrieve some information.
Now we will discuss the rules for designing a form as follows-
A form is more of an application than a webpage, so the usability option must be considered seriously.
Form usability is an exhaustive issue so some principles may have to be followed.
(1) Use the right tag for right job:
  • There are two or more options that are mutually exclusive and the user must select exactly one choice, we must use radio buttons.
  • If there is a list of options and the user may select zero, one or several options, we must use check boxes.
  • We may use a stand-alone check box if there is a single option that the user can turn on or off.
  • For fields in which a single selection is required and there are a large number of possible options, we may use a pull-down menu to conserve space.
  • we must think carefully before deciding radio button, check box or a pull-down menu.
(2) Provide labels for all the fields:
  • A form with text boxes and radio buttons that do not have labels is likely to be useless for web users.
  • There must be a label such as "name" with its input element that is likely to be a text box.
(3) Mark mandatory fields clearly:
  • Some fields must be filled in order for the form to make sense.
  • If a product is to be shipped and we are gathering shipping details, it is mandatory to have the shipping address.
  • We must explicit options like asterisks preferables of different color than the one used in lable to draw attention of the users.
(4) Provide appropriate space for input:
  • The placement of fields should be appropriate.
  • Care must be taken to give enough space for the input of that field
  • We should not provide more space unnecessarily. At the same time lowest space should also be taken care of.
Rules for designing a form
what is a form?
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Form - Rules for designing a form
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