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Donald Trump Making America great again?

An unpredictable blunt leader on a mission to make America great again. Let's see his performance.

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Donald Trump.
Making America great again? 

The biggest plot twist in the history of American politics was that of the 45th Presidential Elections, Donald John Trump defeating Hilary Clinton and two others in 2016 to become the 45th President of the USA. America elected a narcissist as the president, the title(narcissist) owning to Trump?s history and image.
Trump is a businessman and it is somehow reflected in his personality. But Trump has never had a good hand in his business always and his casino failures are an indication of this. So is he gambling with America now? He is a man who praises dictators and portrays himself as one, of Saddam Hussein, Trump said, ?He killed terrorists, he did that so good?, of Vilamdir Putin, Trump said, ?He is running his country, he is a leader, you?ve got to give him credit?. Trump is an example of racial discrimination and imposing the immigration ban on Muslims from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen was one of the first things he did when he came to power. 
Talking about relationships with other leaders, Trump during his election campaign spoke highly of Vilamdir Putin and said he would improve relations with Russia out of the post-cold war scenario. Many would like to see improved relations with Russia, for the sake managing the threat of North Korea and building bridges on military front to counter terrorism. However, during the campaign both the leaders on certain occasions complimented each other, there were paid Russian trolls which were very popular on social media, trying to influence voters and the hack of DNC so we can we say that there might be between the two Presidents and Russia somehow can control Trump.

(A mural depicting Donald Trump blowing smoke into the mouth of Vladimir Putin on the wall of a restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 23).

When it comes to media relations Trump is not a good keeper, as most of the news channels say a lot of bad things about him, in response Trump uses twitter, this is what he said about the media in one of his tweets, ?Don?t believe in the mainstream (fake news) media. The White House is running very well. I inherited a mess and I am in the process of fixing it?. He slams news channels like The New York Times, NBC News, ABC, and CNN and calls them FAKE NEWS organizations.
Talking about USA and India relationship, Narendra Modi has always tried to build bridges with America and other countries in order to promote India on foreign shores. Both Modi and Trump are ambitious and their relations are economically based, and it will continue to be so. While Trump is trying to build a wall to stop immigrants and counter-terrorism, he is also trying to keep good relations with economically growing countries like India, so there is a great chance that the USA and India relations with becoming stronger than ever. 
In 2016 Donald Trump was named The Times person of the year, out of the entire backlash faced after elections; this was something breathtaking for Trump. He built a larger base and defeated rest of the Republican Party; he must be doing something right. But Donald Trump is unpredictable; he can ruin everything or turn out to be a hero for The United States.     

Donald Trump
Sandeep Semwal