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Artificial Intelligence and Its Worldwide Impact

With growing technology and resources, developers from all over the world are in constant search for a robotic assistant and friend. This research has led to the creation of several personal AI assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Now and Cortana. But are we any nearer to developing a conscious minded assistant that can take over humans? Let's get an inside view of Artificial Intelligence in this article.

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Gone are the times when we needed to type in every detail to get our work done. With personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Now and Cortana, things are just a command away. You can literally ask them to do a work. Constant development and research has made these assistants more advanced and powerful. But is this correct? How do we know that Artificial Intelligence will not take over humans? Can we ever create a machine that can get confused like humans do? Can we make them dream and feel their presence at the same time? The answer is yes and no. 
A few days ago, Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced the world to the Duplex system. In this, your personal assistant will be able to make calls on your behalf to take appointments for a dental checkup or haircut! The voice of the assistant on call was strangely human like. Attractive as it may sound, this technology has the capacity to destroy relations, cancel important meetings and cost you a job! If provided with enough Intelligence and self developing capabilities, it would not be difficult for a machine to learn emotions and once it does, it would not listen to any human and place calls on your behalf to anyone it wants, hack into systems to steal data, trade your secret files with third party and rupture your device .
People today don't really look into what they are permitting to a specific application. Artificially Intelligent devices can use fake permissions or let them permit themselves and trade your data with third parties if the third party promises the development of the user. Assistants will do anything for their user even if it includes invading their personal space. This can lead to conflict between companies and governments and even lead to a war. They are hack-able and terrorist organisations may use a Prime Minister's data for their own use! 
This is the main problem scientists are facing today in the development of AI based machines. Mark Zuckerberg had to shut down his research because the AI machines started to develop their own language for private communication. We still don't know how much intelligent should machines be to facilitate our lives. But further implementation can lead to both success and disaster which can either replenish or completely destroy humanity. But one thing is for sure, Artificial Intelligence is the Future of humanity.  
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