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How do I earn money online with investment?

The various ways to make money online. With the minor investment, anybody can make a considerable profit just be adopting any means or mode mentioned in the article given below.  

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Once you start searching online job or a part-time work online, you may end up being cheated by a person who targets's such people who want to earn money merely by investing and not finding out the details where the amount is actually being invested, it?s a spam or a fake organization that promise you to provide return by making minimal investment. So, this is a very common crime being conducted these days. Before investing online make sure the website is genuine. One should start with a very small investment so that in case you don't make any money but the money that is lost doesn't affect his/her pocket. The various ways I found genuine and who actually provide you return by making an investment online are listed below:

1. Make a Freelance ID and start making a bid according to your skills. Take a self-check by analyzing what you can do that actually can make you earn few bucks just by a very small investment of 10% or rupees 250 or $5 whichever is higher is charged on every project accepted by you. The membership fee is according to the plan but they offer free trial ID for a month as well. Go start bidding and may you make best out of your skills.

 2.Start investing in IPO, yes Initial Payout Offer is the thing that should be taken but of securities being listed on NSE and BSE rather than opting for bitcoin. Bitcoin is illegal in India and is 99.99% fake as nobody can pay you the return they are promising but the IPO of securities is genuine and you'll surely earn money once you are allotted the share as it is always overvalued on the first stage when listed and gradually price decreases as people start selling the shares. https://www.sharekhan.com/articleDetails/how-to-invest-in-an-ipo-online

 3.Google AdSense is the new thing for all those who own a website or can get a website for themselves, just make a minor investment and attach yourself to Google AdSense and they will pay you for the number of clicks on the advertisement that is being displayed on your website. They?ll provide you the advertisement and the count for the clicks and total amount as well. https://www.shoutmeloud.com/adsense-guide

The above three are absolutely safe and are tried and tested else every job online that ask for initial investment is a fraud and one should never ever believe on them. I have seen many cases where people just want to sit back home and do anything that gives them money and end up by making such investment and loosing that petty amount or big amount they ask to pay according to the sub-divided packages that they offer to provide but they are not at all authenticated by any authority of India and are frauds. At last, please be cautious about the work you are doing online and always remember hard work can only provide you the correct way and easy money is just a myth. As they say "NO PAIN NO GAIN". For gaining something in life you have to lose something.    
Anamika Khatri
Content Writer