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What to do with compatibility error 0x800F0923 during installation?

Many times you will find the compatibility issue while installing updates

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The error 0x800F0923 shows an issue with a  driver or similarity issue with an application. Typically, this mistake will show up when there is an issue with the designs driver for a particular bit of equipment, or there's a compatibility issue with more established programming or security application, for example, your outsider antivirus. 
On the off chance that your PC was working without issues before introducing Windows 10 rendition 1803, it could be hard to make sense of which driver or program is blocking Windows Update.
For this situation, the most ideal approach to get around this issue is to utilize the Media Creation Tool to complete a set up update. In the event that there's something that will struggle with the installment procedure, the tool will tell you on a report.
To remove a driver from Windows 10 follow these steps:
 1. Open Start. 
2. Search for Device Manager and click the top result. 
3. Expand the device causing the problem.
 4. Right-click and click Uninstall. 
After completing the steps, you can try to install the Windows 10 April Update on your device one more time.   
You can also experience error 0x80070490 - 0x20007 during the upgrade process, it means that one or multiple device drivers are incompatible. The error 0x80070003- 0x20007 indicates that the upgrade process failed during the driver installation phase.
For this issue, you can uninstall the app blocking the feature update and then continue with the installation.
1. Open Settings. 
2. Click on Apps. 
3. Click on Apps & features.
 4. Select the app you want to remove, and click the Uninstall button. 
 5. Click the Uninstall button again to confirm. 
Now you can reinstall the application again. 
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