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What is Taskbar and its Properties?

Here we know about what is Taskbar and what are its Properties?

What is Taskbar and its Properties?
The taskbar is a long horizontal bar with buttons and icons. Normally, taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen. On the extreme left side of the taskbar there is a Start button that help us to start any program.
On the extreme right on the screen there is a notification area that is also known as system tray. System tray also contains small icons along with clock. Between start button and notification area it contains Quick Launch bar, which contains shortcuts.
Properties of Taskbar:
Figure- 2 and Figure-3

  1. Auto hide- This option will auto hide the task bar if it is not in use.
  2. Always on Top- This option will set taskbar always on top of any window.
  3. Show small icon in start Menu- This option is used to display small icon in Start Menu.
  4. Show Clock- This option is used to display clock in taskbar.
What is Taskbar
Auto hide
Always on Top
Show small icon in start menu
Show clock
Windows Concept and Components- Taskbar.
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