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How to load websites fast like google ?

Tired of loading websites ?... wanna load your website as fast as websites like google ?... then your on right place. Get the information on loading websites very fast.

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As all know... today is a world where no one wants to wait for anything... internet has become a common stuff for sharing knowledge... and for this people seek for websites..
According to a report if your website takes more than 4 sec. to load then your insights may break upto 75%..
Why should you make your website load fast ?
A faster loading website usually have more visitors compared to a slower one. This increases the insights of your website and you may earn more revenue. So it is good if your website load faster.
Follow these simple steps to load websites fast :-
1. Try eliminating unnecessary plugins. You should install only those plugins which provide you functionality needed by your website. 
2. Resize images before uploading. 
3. Keep site?s scripts and code up-to-date. Try to code using Javascript only as this executes only the part which the user needs or the information that user wants to access. Resulting in loading web very fast.
4. Use CDNs. Content delivery networks (CDNs) are a huge network of servers that store your website content or data. 
5. Enable http and https redirectory which can redirect both to a specific stuff. 
6. Try to enable browser caching. This store copy of your site web pages in users browsers, so that web load fast you should enable browser caching technology for this. 
7. You sholud Keep your site?s code neat by adding CSS files to the top of your page?s code and Javascript code to the bottom. Adding Javascript to bottom prohibits your pages to wait for full code execution, thereby increasing loading speed. 
These are few easiest techniques that can speed up your website even fast as 2 sec.
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