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We now live in an age of social networking sites. Almost every Internet user is using at least one of one of the social networking sites. This made social networking sites represent a great importance for each owner of Business on the Internet. You can get a huge amount of visitors through networking sites are completely free. 

The secret that makes visitors to social networking sites is one of the most important and most powerful sources of getting visitors is the system on which the social networking sites they rely primarily on providing communication between users. You as a user of one of the social networking sites to share anything with others who are friends or entities. Allowing the composition of small communities have the same interest and exist in certain places in the social networking sites. What is meant here that there are pages or facebook groups on the social networking sites dealing with a particular interest in marketing and this gives an unprecedented opportunity for every marketer on the Internet?

How do you use social networking sites to get the visitors and then profit?

There are two methods or approaches to get visitors through social networking sites and through each of which you can make good profits.

The direct method: -

Play and where to send visitors who get them on the page that you get from which to profit directly social networking sites.

For example, if you were working on commission as a marketer have any products to sell the company or the completion of Levi offers anything else. In this case, you can use the direct method to generate visitors from social networking sites and send them directly to your link avail.

For example, if you're shopping with secure corporate CPA offers. In this case, you can create a page on the site, such as Facebook and you add tips and useful contents for insurance, its importance and how to choose a good insurance company ...... etc. Among publications that comprise the page on Facebook, You can also put you are a valid link in the company you work for and then have the user moves from a social networking page for your own profit directly site.

 In fact, this is the way that I, personally, the best one, which depends on getting a long-term profit by visitors to social networking sites. In this method, you have to have a site with good content It is possible that this site must be submitted to the product, service or submit content only. Through this method, you create pages on social networking sites and site-specific, which is owned and each time you publish a new publication in your page put a small introduction and a link connecting published page on your site that you want.

The indirect way: -

For example, if you have a site talking about raising children Profiteering from which all Google Adsense through Offers in this location the most important strategies and methods in education and the most important tips needed by every father and mother in all ages of the children and the solutions to some problems that correspond to the parents. In this case, you must create pages on social networking sites collect all of them interested in your site. And doing a deal with leaflets found your site topics with its own link mode. In this case, also should put links to pages on the social networking sites within your site so make every visitor comes to you from sources other social networking sites is also a member of the pages on the social networking sites. Of course, the more targeted visitors to your site to raise children, the more profit increased from Google AdSense program for revenue sharing. This is the indirect approach. It is based mainly on the composition of new leads to progress on your site and then your profits will be based on how you win them from your own site. 

Free visitors from social networking sites
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