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What is Internet Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is one of the new concepts in marketing, coupled with the new every day because of the tremendous development in technology, and technology companies compete to offer more of it. Many believe that digital marketing term refers to marketing only online, although name indicates it already, but in digital marketing beyond the computer and the Internet to include all digital - means of modern digital media such as mobile, Internet, radio and television. In the digital marketing, as is the case in marketing in general, there are two policies for the use of this type of marketing, namely payment strategies - Push and clouds - Pull. 

Clouds policy - Push and which attract customers' businesses through electronic searches - Web search, which creates electronic entrances - Portals enters her online visitors to see the company's products, and carry files, and participate in the site and Alnaozlatr site, and perhaps buy the product or use the service through this E-famous entrances. Very quickly I will give you an idea of the electronic portals and the difference between them and the website, which creates a brand. Entrance or mail port is the website you design in order to pull the visitors to the Internet via their search in the search engines, and thus does not care about you too much to build a brand, this is shown for example in the choice of the name of your domain to the web website. 

Another strategy in the digital marketing is the payment - Push policy, which pays your marketing message and do not wait pull people, and applications of this policy by using SMS / MMS, and the use of electronic messages - Emails, advertising messages, whether ads appear at the top sites Banner ads or Display ads, or any other type of digital advertising known. Intelligent integrated digital marketing campaign lies in the use of its strategies in parallel, for example, the company strengthened the research content to its location to attract visitors through search engines, with the ads and the use of e-mail messages campaigns. 

The advantage of clouds policy is the greater freedom enjoyed by the customers, they walk in the space-time the company what they want and get out of the time what they want, without interfering in their choices and personal preferences, and for the company is the technique is less expensive as it doesn't use sophisticated technology to send messages of marketing, such as special programs to send massive amounts of e-mails or SMS messages on mobile. The feature of Payment Policy in the company is the ability to clients owners probabilities of large companies targeted, and therefore a higher likelihood of response, and the company will be able to gauge customer reaction, for example, would send 10,000 email campaign and you will know the success rate through a targeted response from the campaign. 
What is Internet Digital Marketing
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M E Elerian
writer at wwwmnewsandstory.com