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What is a Mini Toolbar in Microsoft Word 2007?

Here Information help us to know what is mini toolbar formatting command in Microsoft Word 2007.

What is a Mini Toolbar in Microsoft Word 2007?
Mini Toolbar
Mini toolbar is a small horizontal bar of some of the commonly-used formatting commands. It appears when you select some text in your document or when you right-click anywhere on the document.
When you select some text, it appears just above the selected text. Initially, the Mini toolbar appears faded; however, when you move the mouse on top of the selected text, it becomes clearly visible.
In Figure, you can see the Mini toolbar when some text is selected in a document.
When you right-click in the document, the Mini toolbar appears just above or below the context menu (the menu that appears when you right-click).
You can select any of the commands available on the Mini toolbar to format the selected text accordingly. In this way, the Mini toolbar provides a quick access to the most frequently-used commands while working with documents.

What is Mini Toolbar
A small horizontal bar
Use to formatting commands
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