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How to get search result easily from google search engine?

Here are some simple shortcuts given to search results from google easily.

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GOOGLE - Nowadays GOOGLE is an important search engine. There are lots of information get form this search engine. What ever you type in the search bar, you get the corresponding result from that. There are many shortcuts to search anything on Google is available. Here are some shortcuts are given below. 
Within the quotes "-------------------"
          In the search bar, you type a keyword within the quote, you get a search result related to that. For example, you search a jobs related to electrical field. You type in the search bar as - job "electrical". You get the result related to that.
If you avoid the particular word use minus (-) sign
          You want to search without the particular word use minus sign before that word you get the result without it. For example, your search related to cooking. You are a vegetarian, so you want to get cake recipes without egg put minus sign before the word egg. (i.e. cake recipes -egg).
Search between minimum to maximum
          If you want to search for two ranges use double dot(..). Fox example, if you want to buy anything in online but in your budget. You type laptop 25000..50000. You will get the related results. 
Search similar sites related you know
          You want to search same website as you know type related : type website name. you want to search online jobs website type related: Mturk.
In google images get GIFs file
you want GIFs file from google images, search particular images and then go to SEARCH TOOLS click TYPE button in that click ANIMATED.
Get particular filetype
          In google engine there are many type of files available. You want particular file type like PDF or WORD or XLS. Example : filetype:pdf hotels name.
          You want to convert number to word, google help to you. Example,if you convert 56472515876 to in words. Type 56472515876 in English. 
          Google help us like calculator. If you do calculation type directly on search bar. Numeric symbols use directly on it. 
Search Shortcuts
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