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Lose weight without exercising

Finding it hard to take out time for work-out? Here are some tips that will help you lose weight and remain fit, naturally.

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 Want to fit in a pretty dress or there is a function coming up that you want to rock! Getting married or anything else. There can be numerous reasons why you want to reduce your weight but unfortunately there are not that many ways to do so. Usually the best way to lose weight is considered to be- Exercising. But in this busy world getting proper sleep is a tough task, let go talks about exercising. So here are the 5 best home remedies that will help you not only lose that extra pound of flesh but will also naturally detoxify your body naturally. 
1. Cinnamon tea:
Cinnamon tea helps you to manage your blood sugar levels and hence restricts your appetite. Thus you burn more fat in the form of energy. To prepare cinnamon tea you need to follow the same guidelines as for your regular tea just replace the tea leaves with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Drink it twice a day. 
2. Ginger and green tea: 
Green tea has anti-oxidants that make you feel relaxed and uplift your mood. It also boosts up your body?s energy levels. Adding ginger to your green tea will aid in digestion in addition to adding flavour to it. If you like your tea sweet, you can add honey to it but avoid sugar. Drink this combination twice a day, preferably empty stomach. 
3. Dandelion and peppermint: 
This fabulous drink will heal your liver along with cutting short on your fat. To make it all you need is: ? 1tbsp dandelion leaves that are dried ? 1tbsp peppermint leaves ? Lemon to taste ? Boiling water Add all the ingredients to the boiling water and keep them in it for 5-10 minutes. Strain the liquid and consume it twice a day. 
4. Yogurt and honey:
This is not just a weight loss remedy but also a good snack for your stomach. Yogurt aids digestion and breaks down fat molecules. Honey is added in a minute quantity to put a stop to your food cravings. This can also be taken as a breakfast snack. Just add your favorite raw fruits or oats to the yogurt-honey mixture and your HEALTHY breakfast is ready.
 5. Black pepper and lemon:
These are basic ingredients present in every kitchen shelf. But people seldom know that they can use them to set their life on a healthy track. Black pepper reduces fat as it helps blood in absorbing the nutrients from our food while lemon aids in digestion. Mix black pepper in lemon juice and drink this after every meal. These 5 tricks will help you win your battle with your weight even through your busy routine. If you want to add one more step to it- chew a gum. Nowadays sugar free gums are available in the market. They not only keep your mouth fresh but also control your appetite. The gum thus tricks your stomach as well as brain. So it is not very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this fast rushing world. Maintain your health and it will help you to stay on the top . To get access to more home remedies for weight loss visit http://everydayroots.com/weight-loss-remedies
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