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Why Buying home is so much difficult in India?

I am not generalizing all agents, there are real estate consultants who are extending their support post deal as well and have created a robust customer support system. But I am talking to an overall system. So kindly don’t see as an offense to anyone.

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Purchasing a house is a fantasy for everybody except the procedure is a long way from feasible for a Layman 
2) It requires to manage Multiple organizations, which makes process protracted and unwieldy for a typical man 
3) It has an incredible breadth of enhancement even in a given legitimate structure 
4) What is a reason, which is halting that enhancement to occur?
 5) What AKT Associates are attempting to make Home purchasing background bother free? 
6) We are attempting to accommodate your home in only one window; we call it Project One window. As of late I purchased a crude house and finished up all procedure from advance to enrollment to Electricity charge exchange, It took me over two months to close the exchange and my office work was nearly escaped the track amid this procedure. This all notwithstanding the reality, myself I am a Chartered Accountant and mindful of the majority of the techniques. Purchasing a house is one of the major glad occasions of life, wouldn't you say it ought to be critical instead of overwhelming. When all methodology, documentation, and customs are finished you feel admonished instead of upbeat and need everything to settle down rapidly so you can take some rest. Contrast this and purchasing a vehicle or new TV, don't it feels that home purchasing knowledge ought to likewise be disentangled and there is loads of degree for enhancing this experience for a genuine purchaser. 
On the off chance that I classes the entire home owning process organize astutely it will be a to some degree following way: ? Home Hunting or Home looking Pre Agreement legitimate work Understanding Registration Home Loan endorsement Last Deed Registration Move in records of Development expert (assuming Any) Change of Name in power or Municipal Records (If required) Comprehensively every one of these exercises we have to associate with following experts 
1) Real Estate Agent: ? For Home Search
 2) Lawyer: ? For Property Search to Drafting Agreement and enrollment 
3) Chartered Accountant:- To manage Tax and related issues 4) Home Loan Agent or Bank: ? To Get a home credit
 4) Documentation Agent:- To get enrollment at Registrar office and exchange of name. 
All things considered, there can be a couple of more players relying upon area and kind of property you are purchasing. 
Just I was making sense of, for what reason can't every one of these administrations be incorporated and given by one element? 
It will be far simpler and advantageous to manage one organization as opposed to tango and tune with different individuals. It will be such an alleviation for the homebuyer who is as of now in gigantic weight for reserve game plan never to make reference to the high contrast parcel. 
Indeed, even you may likewise be pondering what it is very attainable yet why there is no such office. Why Brokers administrations are restricted to simply matchmaking? 
I for one conversed with a portion of the business players, for example, manufacturers, Agents, and even a few Lawyers. 
The yield is outlined herewith: ? Intermediary Builder-Investor nexus: ? Builders are worried about moving, while agents about their 2% who cardamom about purchaser 's accommodation. He is most reduced in the pyramid so can't the direction the terms. 
The property market's genuine clients are Investors and Brokers (Not to Forget Black cash hoarders) (Not real homebuyers) as long as they (Investors and Brokers)are upbeat and manufacturers can do thundering business. It remains constant for Builders, Banks, attorneys, and even CA, All are getting their business through Brokers or specialists so the home purchaser isn't an element, so for what reason to worry about them. It is similar to for Car fix business mechanics are a buyer and they are genuine clients for the organization and not the individual who really utilizes it. 
For Brokers, on the off chance that they get 2% only to matchmaking for what reason to go further, first the purchaser won't pay additional for esteem included administrations (Like 2% itself is overwhelming for them) so why take additional endeavors. On account of new properties, the commission is gotten from the manufacturer, which is settled, They (Builders) need more clients and not made a fuss over client accommodation. For whatever length of time that strolling - in and Bookings are going on it's anything but a worry for Either Builder or Banker or Government. 
What we are doing in such matters? 
In the wake of getting my direct understanding of the issues, which a Homebuyer is confronting today, my group has reached some startup and even specialists who are working in this field and examined the issues. We are working around there to dispatch a few administrations, which can diminish the timeframe and intricacy and purchasing a home can be a truly satisfying knowledge. For an Integrated affair, we are working with all partners of the Real home industry and keep you refreshed on improvement. 
Presently it is a million dollar question I need to solicit from all from the perusers, how you can compel the business to end up more client arranged. I require important input from every one of you, regardless of whether you will love to have all these esteem included administrations if an office approach and gives you without charging any additional expenses for the same. 
Disclaimer: ? I am not summing up all operators, there are land experts who are expanding their help post bargain too and have made a vigorous client emotionally supportive network. In any case, I am conversing with a general framework. So generously don't see as an offense to anybody.
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