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What is Log Off and Turn Off of the Computer?

Here Information help us to understand about Log Off and Turn Off of the Computer.

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What is Log Off and Turn Off Computer?
Log Off:
When you have finished working in Windows, do not switch off the computer suddenly. Save all your files and then follow the steps to shut down so that Windows can save all the settings that you have changed.
If a Computer is used by many users, you can use the computer only when you log in with your username and password.
After you have finished using the computer, you do not want to switch off the computer, but only end your session and keep the computer on for another user. To do this, click on Log Off on the Start menu. You will see a dialog box with two options.
Click on Log Off to close your programs and end your session. You will then see the Login dialog box where another user can enter his username and password to log in and use the computer.
However, if you do not want to end your session and yet let another user log on, click on Switch User.
Turn Off Computer:
To turn off the computer, click on Turn Off Computer on the Start menu. You will see a dialog box with three options.
Click on Stand By to end your session by putting your computer in a low-power state so that you can begin your session from where you had ended it. This means that all programs and documents that were open when you ended your last session will appear when you begin the next time.
Click on Restart to shut down Windows and start afresh. After a few seconds, the Login dialog box will appear on the screen.
Click on Turn Off to shut down Windows and switch off the computer.
What is Log Off Computer
What is Turn Off Computer
Switch User
Stand By mode
Turn Off
Windows: Concepts and Components-Components of Start Menu- Log Off and Turn Off Computer.
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