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What corona virus show us about mankind

Amid this Covid pandemic, 'experience' plays both a positive and a negative job. Discussing the positive viewpoint, we are in a circumstance where we will be the ones dependable to decide the eventual fate of our reality.

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Dread of the obscure is a declaration of human civilization. At times the obscure substance is misleading to the point that it can assault with no indication of its quality. We have seen numerous such situations in different works of fiction yet the everyday person had never envisioned that something comparative can occur during their experience on this planet. Stories of the future or cases of the past may show up whenever in the present and leave everybody with apprehension.
Amid this Covid pandemic, 'experience' plays both a positive and a negative job. Discussing the positive viewpoint, we are in a circumstance where we will be the ones dependable to decide the eventual fate of our reality. All Our activities will be critical and will determine our odds of endurance. Here every individual is liable for the whole race and this will be recognized as an aggregate encounter for humankind and will fill in like a beam of expectation for future calamities. The experience acquired from the current circumstance will likewise make the occupants lead their life in a much cautious manner, remembering what's to come. 
Going to the negative, there is no such related knowledge controlled by this age to manage a pandemic that is fast and infectious. We don't have any recommended fix or innovation to stop the transmission yet. Numerous worldwide forces are making a decent attempt toward this path however time is flying and more individuals are getting influenced. The absence of involvement is ending individuals' lives.
Post World War II, the idea of superpowers arose and the nations were placed into different classifications depending on their financial norms, persuasive ability, human turn of events, safeguard powers, and so on Numerous nations have additionally arisen as new powers in the previous many years. Be that as it may, the infection has made certain things exceptionally understood and the whole human race needs to acknowledge them at the soonest. Despite force and improvement, the nations have not had the option to control the pandemic and its spread. Lives have been lost and individuals have been delivered powerless in the most evolved nations of the world. 
The 21st-century is the most exceptional period of mankind as far as tech. However, today we are seeing that just having innovation headway can't stop a fiasco. Different things incorporate some fundamental standards and straightforward human conduct which can forestall annihilation. 
Today, the most well-known cultural split that exists between the rich and poor people (acclaimed and non-popular, blue-blood and non-blue-blood, fruitful and ineffective and so forth) is being derided by the little infection. We have seen different commended world figures, political pioneers, individuals from prosperous families, and effective characters being influenced by this pandemic. No riches, hall, or societal position has had the option to keep this microbe under control. 
The world has seen not many pandemics in the past which have taken a bigger number of lives than the universal conflicts. From 1347 to 1351, the 'dark demise' (Bubonic Plague) slaughtered 200 million individuals, clearing out 30 to 50 percent of Europe's populace. It required over 200 years for the populace to recuperate. In 1520, smallpox slaughtered around a lot of Native Americans. This informs us regarding the rage of the laws of nature and the vulnerability of our reality. The narrative of humankind rotates around the laws of nature and there isn't anything preeminent than nature which has been existing for billions of years.
A few fascinating occurrences with regards to the present have returned us to the fundamentals of life. The infection has shown us numerous viable things which we had perused in books, sacred texts, and so forth, and disregarded. It has made us cooperate with no distinctions and for a typical reason. This is the first occasion when we have felt that we as humankind are battling for our reality against an infinitesimal life form. We are more mindful of our quality on this planet and are as a rule more cautious about our endurance later on. 
The idea of individual duty is flourishing and it is a vital boundary to move towards achievement in this mission against the infection. Barely any fundamental things like cleanliness and individual medical care being rehearsed by individuals across the world. 
Day by day propensities, which were lost quite a while in the past in the quick speed of work-life and in pursuing aspirations, are returning. Individuals have begun to prepare their food, clean their home, read their journals composed sometime in the past, share those long-forthcoming stories with their youngsters, call a portion of their old companions who are stuck in an unfamiliar land, invest quality energy with their friends and family, play the guitar which was lying in the corner for quite a long time, and do a lot more things which are beloved. 
Final Thought:
Our reality has moved toward a path where harshness and reckless conduct had gotten typical. Socially, we have changed over into animals who are pursuing what we need and not what we need. This unevenness will lead us to incredible strife, and the current situation shows us that. The human conscience has assumed a part in this ruin and nature has shown her force consistently. 
Let us not depict insensitivity any longer and adhere to the fundamentals which make life simpler for everybody. In this basic point, let us show energy, love, and appreciation to individuals, who are taking such a lot of torment and hazard to get us out from this pandemic. 
Leave us in isolation more touchy, trained, and capabilities which will be an immense help to the Brave-hearts working nonstop to take the world back to what it was previously. Our essential human characteristics like the immaculateness of the psyche and legitimate activities can do some amazing things in this battle for our endurance.  
COVID and Mankind
Corona virus
Corona virus and mankind
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