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History of diamonds and their uses today

Hatton Garden jewellers by Flawless Fine Jewelry

Diamond is not just precious and aesthetically beautiful, but it is also one of the most worthwhile things in the world. It is a symbol of love, passion, and loyalty. It has its name derived from the Greek word Adamas that decodes to unconquerable. The history of the diamond goes down to the fourth century BC, but its origin has been about more than a million years. Let us take a look at how the best jewellers in Hatton Garden have these precious stones

The Countries 

India and China received a large portion of these stones transported to them via the Silk Road. Diamond has characteristics similar to gold but what differentiate them is the carbon arrangement and its formation. In the early ages, people considered diamonds valuable because they had a variety of uses like accessories, cutting tools, talismans to protect in the battles, and as medical aid to cure ailment and injuries. 

Era of Diamonds  

The era of diamonds began in India, where the wealthy upper class reserved a limited quantity, and the rest went for trade. The country traded the diamond with Europe, Venice, and others for a long time but suffered a decline in the supplies. This drop caused Brazil to become the trade market for diamonds, but the stocks in Brazil were insufficient to meet the whole world's demand. The modern diamond market first established its roots in the African continent due to the discovery of diamonds in Kimberly, South Africa. 

More About It 

There was De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited instituted after the discovery that constituted the majority percent of the world's diamond supply. Unfortunately, the increased demands and low yield lead to the invention of new mining techniques. There were new mines discovered which contracted with De Beers and thereby added to the supply of diamonds and also led to the construction of the cutting industry at new places. In the end, diamond flowed into the market through multiple channels that thereby availed the needs of the world. Scientists have also researched diamonds and discovered how they are formed and transported to the surface of the earth. Studies show that currently, there are over thirty-five or more countries that have a supply of diamonds. 
A diamond goes through a long process to be its shiny self so that the people adore its beauty. It forms deep inside the earth under extreme conditions, and nature or human is what brings it to the surface. Once found, it requires to go through all the cutting, shaping, polishing so that it gains its elegance. This beautiful piece then takes the shape of different jewelry that one can witness in the display of the jewels shop. 


Today, diamonds have numerous benefits in many fields. They can be carved in exquisite designs and used in jewelry like rings or necklaces. They help enhance the beauty of the ornaments, then be it a small stone or a large one. Hatton Garden jewellers by Flawless Fine Jewelry provide an exquisite range of diamond rings, pendants, and jewelry according to the customer's desires. Diamonds are extremely useful in industries as well for cutting, grinding other metals due to their hardness. They are used to slice glasses, drill rocks, polish other stones, and also in tungsten cables. Diamonds offer a wide range of applications due to its various properties, and, therefore, it is used not only in the jewelry sector but also for industrial purposes. 
Hatton Garden jewellers by Flawless Fine Jewelry
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