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the importance of chartered accountant in your day to day life and in what ways one can provide you guidance with his/her expertise.


In today's world professional is essential to make you a leader, a representative of an idea and to be on profitable charts. First of all, who is a CA? A CA is a qualified person who has a best among the best to teach you how a business is to be done. A person who can help you with tax education, to handle your balance sheet, to decrease your opportunity cost, to make a proper payroll chart for you, to help you in legal finances and to help you with the sanctioning of loan possibilities.

 This chart will provide you the link to the stage that a CA has cleared to stand as a professional in this society.

 He is a polished diamond in terms of expert knowledge. Now, why do we need a CA? 
To maximize our profit, we need a Chief Financial Officer and to become that you need to be a CA. For handling the finance department and to lead them you need a CA. 

To provide you a proper guidance regarding your creditability in terms of getting a loan from a banking institute or a financial institute, the credit manager you are being interacted with is a CA.

 To get your audit done on yearly basis. Your financial statements require authentication of his report else its incomplete for submission to ROC. The auditor is a CA. 

To help you frame out the pay-roll policy of your company you need an expert and that expert is CA. 

To file your ITR you need a person as a helper to guide you with in-depth knowledge of taxation as well as various laws applicable to a resident in India. You tax consultant is a CA. 

The above four are the major domain of a chartered accountant but he is not limited to these only. he has various other services to offer and a company needs a professional advice in every prospect of every department it is dealing in. A person who becomes a CA has gone through tremendous pressure and then is awarded the degree which in a real sense he/she has earned by giving heart and soul. CA course is the toughest course in the world and when a person can clear that then you can imagine his/her potential to be among that 8 % who cleared and not the 92% who failed. 

The finance department is headed by him whether a private-sector or public-sector enterprise. Many authorities of India have CA as a part of their penal or board and it is compulsory to have one. So, if we sum it up then you cannot have a successful limited company without a CA and if you want to make your company a listed company in stock market or any exchange then just get a good team of CA in the company and get them working towards your goal and soon you'll get the result. Respect a CA as he/she have tremendous power to help you with finances.          
need of chartered accountant
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