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Parmanu : The Story You Need

With several movies in the theaters, people are uncertain as to which movie they should watch. But we got you covered this time. Parmanu may not seem to be a well-off movie due to less promotion but trust me, after you see it, it will never be the same.

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Bollywood has always been criticized for its nonsensical and stupid drama movies which the brainless audience are often pleased to see. Directors try to make movies on serious topics, suffering a loss and flop at the Box Office. 
This time, Abhishek Sharma has done a fabulous job in weaving together bits and pieces to formulate a story that shows what happened in Pokhran 2 decades ago. It is based on the Nuclear Tests that happened in the 90s under APJ Abdul Kalam and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This is a thriller movie which knows where to make you laugh and where to get you biting your nails.
The movie starts with a discussion at the PMO regarding the continuous nuclear tests of USA and China and their emergence as a nuclear power. This is where Ashwat Raina ( John Abraham ) tries to give his ideas on the nuclear tests for India but the other ministers deny his idea humiliatingly . His ideas are then wrongly implemented which leads to international dishonor of India by USA and other countries. This story deals with the journey of success for both Ashwat and India and its emergence as a nuclear state.
The background score is perfectly aligned but a bit loud and distracting. It fits into the story and gives feel to the audience. The story is weaved with perfection at every point and moves smoothly ahead. Actors have performed exceptionally well especially Diana Penty, considering her last few movies. 
Finally to conclude, this is a must watch movie, with friends, family, basically any human you can get. Just get off and go to your nearest theaters!
"Ab dar kar nahi kar ke shaant baithenge" - Ashwat Raina
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