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How to start C++ Programming?First-Time Programmers

If you are new learner and want to start C++ coding then It will be very helpful for you.

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/* ...... */ these are use for multi line comments
//.... these are use for multi line comments
It is called a preprocessor directive and begins with a # sign. They are processed before compilation. The directive "#include
The "using namespace std;" statement declares std as the default namespace used in this program.  cout and endl belong to the std namespace.
int main() { body  } 
It defines the main() function. It is the entry point of program execution. main() is required to return an integer.
return 0
It terminates the main() function and returns a value of 0 to the operating system.
You can write your first C++ program that prints the message "My First Program" on the display console by following some steps:
 1.Write the Source Code
Enter the source codes using a programming text editor such that NotePad++ for Windows or gedit for UNIX/Linux/Mac or an Interactive Development Environment (IDE).
1.Enter the line numbers on the left side, which were added to help in the explanation. 
2.Save the source file as "Myfirstprogram.cpp" or with any meaningful name you want. 
3.A C++ source file should be saved with a file extension of ".cpp". 
Enter the following  code:
#include // for input/output
using namespace std;
 int main()
{ // Program begins here
cout <<"My First Program" << endl; // Print the line with in commas 
 return 0; // it terminates main()

2.Build the Executable Code

If you are on IDE  then click on  the "Build" button.
If you are using any other text editor with the GNU GCC compiler then start a CMD Shell  or Terminal  and issue the following commands:
// For Windows
 >g++ -o Myfirstprogram.exe Myfirstprogram.cpp
//For UNIX/Linux/Mac
$ g++ -oMyfirstprogram Myfirstprogram.cpp
 3.Run the Executable Code
1.If you are using IDE then click the "Run" button. 
2.If you are using the Text Editor with GNU GCC compiler then issue the following command from CMD Shell  or Terminal :
// Windows 
 > My First Program
 // UNIX/Linux/Mac 
$ ./My First Program

This is very simple code .Hope new programmers find it helpful.
C++ Programming
First-Time Programmers
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