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How to create a Google Doc and how insert an image into Google Doc?

Do you know how to use Google Doc???

To create a Google Doc Follow these steps:
1.on your Gmail+ screen  click on the square symbol in the upper right-hand corner.
2.Click on Drive.
3.Click on Create.

4.Click on the Untitled document.
5. Type in what ever you want to name your new document and click OK.

6. Google Docs will automatically Save your changes.

7. When the message and changes saved in Drive appears, it is safe to close out of your document.

8. Your document will  appear in your Google Drive now.
How to insert an image?
To insert an image in Google Doc follow these steps:
1.Go to  your Google Doc and click on Insert.
2.Click on the  Image.
3. Click to choose an image to upload.

4. Select the file and click to Open.

5. Now your image will appear in your Google Doc.
You are done with image uploading.
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