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By 2022, China will bring the world's largest amphibius aircraft 'AG600'

During the rescue mission, there are 50 people who can board the AG600. Simultaneously, 12 metric tons of water can be taken within 20 seconds for fire fighting trip.

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[Beijing]: The world's largest amphibius (air and water) aircraft, developed in China, will be available to customers by 2022. It takes about eight years to develop it. According to the media, Aviation Industry Carp of China (AVIC) spent nearly eight years developing the aircraft. China expects that by 2022, it will hand over to the world's largest amphibius aircraft AG600 customers in the developed world.
World's largest amphibius aircraft:
China has developed the Enfebius Aircraft AG600, which has been given the code name 'Kunlong'. In December this aircraft flew its first flight from South China Sea airport, which was successful. AVIC reported that the aircraft is 39.6 meters tall, with its wings length 38.8 meters. China's news agency Xinhua says it is the world's largest amphibius aircraft.
Better than the other Amphibious planes in the world:
In 2015, there were reports that China had started the construction of the world's largest amphibius aircraft on July 17, 2015. It was told that this amphibious plane can fly in the sky and can be used in water. China had stated that the AG600 aircraft is better than other Amphibious planes in the world due to its maximum weight and flight capacity.
               The AG600 equipped with four turbo prop engines can ride 50 people in the sea during search and relief operations and can take 12 metric tons of water within 20 seconds for the fire fighting trip. That is, in the big incidents of fire in the forests, for 12 liters of water, in a mere 20 seconds, the water can sprout so much water with any water source. In December, the Chinese media had told that Chinese companies and So far 17 orders have been received from the Chinese government departments for the aircraft.
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