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Classification of Computers

Here Information help us to know the Classification of Computers.

Classification of Computers:
Computers are broadly divided into three groups on the basis of computing techniques used. These are:
  • Digital computers,
  • Analog computers,
  • Hybrid computers.
A digital computer understands the language of 0s(zero's) and 1s only. Each quantity is represented by a combination of binary numbers 0 and 1. A distinctive feature of a digital computer is that it computes by counting and adding operations. All operations are divided into counting and adding. For example, multiplication can be carried out by repeated addition.
Digital computers can process both numeric and non-numeric data. The application areas of digital computers are very wide, ranging from education, home use to business and scientific data processing, where in large volumes of data have to be processed.
An Analog computer computes by measuring changes in a continuous physical quantity such as electric current or electric voltage. Such physical quantities are used to represent numbers in the problem. Changes in the physical quantity are measured and then the measured changes are converted into numeric values.
Analog computers are mostly used in engineering and scientific calculations.
Hybrid computers use both digital and analog components, for instance they use digital memory for the storage of intermediate results and analog devices for computational purposes.
Classification of Computers
Digital computers
Analog computers
Hybrid computers
Classification of Computers.
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