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Fundamental of computers : The Input unit (module 25)

In this section we will discuss on the fundamental of a computer, the input unit it's components like inputting, storing, processing, outputting, and outputting.

This is the 25th module on learning C with us. Earlier we discussed on the basic introduction and structure of C, preprocessor it's features, intermediate and executable codes. compilation and execution process of a C program. And keywords and identifiers, data types, variables and constants, scope of variables, operators and expressions in C. Type casting in #C. Introduction to input and output functions and reading a character in #C. Unformatted and formatted input functions. Branching statements like if, if-else, nested if-else. And different types of loops. Von Neumann architecture of an computer.
According to Von Neumann architecture the main component of a digital computer are :
Input Unit :-
Input unit is the device which enters data and instructions in the computer system before processing / computation. Data / instructions enter a compiler through an input unit in a form that depends upon the device used.

For example, keyboards, mouse,  joystick, light pen, etc has different mechanism of input modes. All input devices must transform input signals to binary codes. This transformation is accomplished by input interfaces.

An input unit performs following functions :
1. It accepts instruction and data from outside world.
2. It transfroms these instructions and data in a computer acceptable form.
3. It supplies the tranformed instruction and data to computer system for further processing.
In next module we will continue our discussions on the next topic on different types of another units of fundamental of computers. 
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