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Callow birds' world Penguin day

world penguin day' whole world is celebrating for the gentle bird.

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25 april is the day when whole celebrates ''world pengunine day'' purpose of this day is general awareness in people about penguins 'and most importatnt looking for extinct species of penguins ' penguin is callow bird ,found penalty of areas in antarketca , penguin is very interesting bird ,everything about penguins like their habitat ' food ' community ' is interesting,  there are 17 species and 3 main categories of penguins.they are flightless birds.

Birds of Antarctica

Some important places where penguins live are New Zealand, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands, but most of the species can be found in Antarctica, and you can find even endangered species of penguins at the Kerguelen Islands.

Some interesting facts about penguins 

Penguins explorer Antonio Pigafetta first called them ?strange geese? in the 1950s.

Some species of penguins mate whole life ' and call for mating with a unique voice to attract opposite one.

Penguins can drink seawater but their food is little fish or tinny creatures in the sea.

The emperor penguin is the largest penguin with 47 inches height while the little blue penguin is the smallest penguin with 16 inches.

A penguin colony is called Waddle while a group of penguins is called the raft.

Threats to penguins species

Climate change is the biggest threat to some species of penguins like Adélie and chinstrap are about to extinct.

Plastic pollution is also a big threat to penguins' not only penguins ' plastic pollution is a threat to other sea animals. 

Overfishing should check because it is also a big threat to penguins.

penguin day
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