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How to fix Laptop full screen display issue in Duplicate mode after connecting an external projector ?(Intel® Graphics)

When you attached a projector to your computer it might show only a segment of your screen's image.

This view mode extends your laptop's screen across both your laptop and the projector giving each only a portion of the display.
To solve the full screen issue follow this simple and quick procedure:
1. Right-click any where on the blank space of the desktop.
2.It will show a pop up list and select “Screen resolution”. 
3. Click  on the “Advanced settings”. 

4. Click on the tab “Intel® Graphics and Media Control Panel”. 
5.Select “Built-in Display from “Display” drop-down list.
6.Select “Scale full screen” from “Scaling” drop-down list.
7.Click on “OK” to save settings. 
The built-in display is  in full screen now.
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