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Union Budget 2018, the update regarding the Budget 2018 shared by Finance Minister. a small gist of the new policies and reforms introduced, focusing on no new big relief for the middle-class.

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Union Budget 2018 

The yearly budget is the main target to decide whether the present government is actually concern about the economy or not. The way budget is created , it is a long process. A bill is proposed and then accepted by the both houses. Ultimately President sign the accepted bill and it becomes the budget. Arun Jaitley is the Finance Minister and he has the power to announce the budget for the public at large. The major highlights of the budget 2018 

Major focus on farmers and promotion of agricultural produce. Finance minister assured that the budget is for the benefit of middle class and lower middle class. Various schemes have been initiated in the way of helping the poor, elderly and dependent?s. The country has already seen growth of clean India campaign and the budget focused on such steps taken during the governance of BJP government under prime ministers guidance. 

The amount which is kept aside for the betterment of rural women deprived of LPG gas connection and facing adverse smoke created by coal and dry woods. Yeh finance minister has assured that free gas connection to such needy will be provided in a much more quality than was aimed in last budget. The budget is proposed to be focusing on the direct relationship between the farmer and bulk consumer. To eradicate the commission unnecessarily charged by the broker, proper mechanism will be created towards this motive. 

The country has been facing major problems such as unemployment and poor sanitation. The government has initiated the plan towards construction of public toilets and to promote job in agricultural sector. The government is aiming to promote the self-help group of women and to promote the skill-based jobs. The country is facing the issue of improper education system and it is a big concern. 
The government is focusing on initiating the plan to promote the training of present teachers and timely updating of their skill. The world is moving towards the digital education and steps have been initiated to convert the blackboard to the digital board. The government school have been facing major issue of lack of facility but steps are being taken in the same concern. 

Everyone is claiming that the budget has been disappointing as nothing major has been done to reduce the price of basic good and the basic facilities. The concern is correct, the drawback that market has suffered after the swap of currency notes and introduction of GST needs to be cleaned up by the government but they are silent at this topic. Two major reliefs has been introduced in reducing LTCG tax from 20% to 10%. The second one is the enhancement of limit of interest income of senior citizen to INR 50000
Else nothing has been done to actually provide relief to the middle class or any other class. The country is still upset and needs some relief from the problem that was triggered by the efforts of this government. In motive to remove parallel economy, they have shattered many small class business and people are suffering adversely.