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Time runs slow near the Pyramids in Giza!

Find out about time dilation and how the mass of the body effects time and gravity.

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Time runs slowly near the Pyramids in Giza!

Pyramids can be seen all around the world, scientists and archeologists have spent years conducting studies on the Pyramid gravity force. The Pyramids were created by the Egyptians, Mayans, Chinese, Europeans, Japanese, Bahamians, Polynesians, and the list go on and on. They were created by just about every culture using similar geometry, comparable dimensions, and identical processes. The pyramids are so unique, that one must wonder if they were created by just one culture traveling the world. But The Pyramids of Giza remain famous throughout the world. 

Pyramids were built to withstand years of time, not only they have been able to withstand time; they?ve also withstood earthquakes and floods. The Pyramids of Giza have great mass which influences its surroundings, gravity and time, people standing next to the Pyramid should notice the faster motion 

 Stephen Hawking mentions that time runs slowly because of the Pyramids mass, they are heavy and therefore affect the gravity. Gravity makes time run slowly; scientists have confirmed and named this phenomenon Gravitational Redshift which causes time to slow down near a huge mass. It's been proven with countless experiments that mass distorts the "fabric" of space-time. That distortion is called gravity. This means that if you were standing 1/2 mile from one of the larger Egyptian pyramids, space-time between you and the center of the pyramid would be distorted and that in turn means that the ticking of your wristwatch would be different than a wristwatch at the center of that pyramid. The difference would be far too tiny to measure, but it would still exist. Notice that this time difference is *relative;* your watch ticks at its usual rate, but if you could observe the watch within the pyramid it would appear to tick slower. 

The phenomenon called ?time dilation? was predicted by Elbert Einstein a hundred years ago, Einstein's theory of relativity states that a large mass will slow time down. The pyramids are large masses, but the effect they have on the passage of time would be so small you would need some pretty fancy and very sensitive equipment to detect it. 

Sandeep Semwal