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This Indian has declared his own new kingdom between Egypt and Sudan border

Find out this interesting venture by an Indian who has claimed his own kingdom

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This Indian has declared his own new kingdom between Egypt and Sudan 

Suyash Dixit an Indian from central India who visited Bir Tawil an unclaimed land in northern Africa earlier this month has claimed the land and declared himself as its king. He made this announcement in a Facebook post and called his kingdom, the ?Kingdom of Dixit?, he made his father Suyog Dixit he Prime Minister and the military head, he also invited applicants to fill other government posts. 

The 24-year-old CEO of an IT company, Suyash Dixit who I think has been inspired by Game of Thrones he wrote, ?I Suyash Dixit, first of my name and protector of the realm, declare myself as the King of ?Kingdom of Dixit?, in a Facebook post. 

Bir Tawil is an 800-square mile stretch of land and has been described as the only place on earth that is habitable but not claimed by any government. The news sparked excitement among people. He plans to govern his kingdom online and the kingdom now has an official website and a bill of rights. According to United Nations, one must have 4 criteria for statehood, a permanent population, a defined territory, a government and the ability to enter into relations with other states, and surprisingly Dixit?s Kingdom appears to have all but first. 

According to his post, Dixit traveled 319 km through the desert and traveled through ?dangerous routes? with his father to reach Bir Tawil. ?Following the early civilization ethics and rule, if you want to claim a land then you need to grow crops on it,? he wrote. ?I have added a seed and poured some water on it today. It is mine.?He ended the post, saying: ?This is no joke, I own a country now!? He has written an online petition to the United Nations already. 

He, however, is not the first person to visit Bir Tawil, several people earlier have laid claim on the territory, and previously an American in 2014 claimed the land and named it ?Kingdom of North Sudan?. The U.S. State Department has not indicated whether it will provide foreign aid to the Kingdom of Dixit. Hundreds of people have allegedly already applied for citizenship in the new kingdom. There have been verbal spats on Twitter between the Suyash and other men who earlier claimed this land. 
Suyash Dixit
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