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What is AutoSummarize feature in Microsoft Word Document?

Here Information help us to know what is AutoSummarize feature in Microsoft word document and its use.

What is AutoSummarize feature in MS-Word Document?
AutoSummarize is a feature that summarizes your document by examining the content and selecting sentences that best relate to the main theme. To do this perform.
  1. Click on Tools in the menu bar
  2. Select Auto Summarize.
  3. A dialog window will appear with several options.
  4. Choose as required.
The options are:
  1. Highlighting Key points - this will only highlight key points with a colour.
  2. Creating a new document with the new summary - this will make a new file with summary written in it.
  3. Inserting an executive summary at the top of the document - this will put an abstract at the starting.
  4. Hiding everything but the summary without leaving the original document.
  5. Also, you can select the length of summary you want.
What is AutoSummarize feature in Ms-Word document
Highlight key points
Create new Summary document
Executive summary
Length of Summary
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