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Top 5 Most Powerful Characters of the MCU

With the completion of 10 years of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have been introduced to more than 30 characters, both heroes and villains. Sorting out the best isn't easy. But it has been done! So, check out the list below and suggest your changes.

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From Loki to Thanos, from Tony to Thor, there are plenty of characters who'll make you feel inspired and let you laugh at the same time. Let's not waste time and begin! 
5. Loki 
4. Scarlet Witch 
 I know right! Scarlet Witch should be on 1st or 2nd position especially after Infinity War. She (Spoiler Alert) literally destroyed an Infinity Stone with one hand and stopped a person with 5 Infinity Stones with the other. She destroyed 4 spaceships and was able to stall 2 members of The Black Order while help arrived. When she came to know about Her brother's death, she killed all the Ultron's minions within 10 miles! She took out the heart of Ultron out and killed him in 30 seconds when Vision, Thor and Tony combined couldn't do it. Her lack of motivation is what makes her stay at number 4 because we got a few people better than her (Sorry Wanda fans!). 
3. Dormammu
 This one is probably a non-debatable choice. In Doctor Strange (2016) we come to know that the Dark Dimension was controlled by a cosmic entity known as Dormammu. His powers were unlimited which could make him the most powerful character in the MCU. His only limitation is the underestimation of his opponents and the area where his powers work. He is only powerful in the Dark Dimension and could only wreak havoc on Earth after capturing it. His powers are so huge that even 2 Sorcerer Supreme could not defeat him ( one stole powers from him and one bargained). Still he could not accomplish his task and remains below- 
2. Doctor Strange
 Of course, he had to be here. Astral projections, conjuring shields, creating mirror dimensions, teleportation and what not? You say it and he does it. He was the only person who could have a hand to hand battle with Thanos while he had 4 Infinity Stones. Also, he is up to play a huge part in Avengers 4. He not only agreed Dormammu for a bargain but is also the Sorcerer Supreme with high level endurance and physical capabilities. Come on, he is a wizard! 
1. Thor
 God of Thunder is here! Thor has been the most dynamic and powerful character since the beginning of the MCU but his real powers were revealed in Thor - Ragnarok (2017) where he learns to use his powers without the hammer Mjolnir! He has lost everything and seen his family die in front of him and still had the heart to defeat Thanos by creating his weapon himself. His entry in Wakanda is certainly the best moment of the MCU till date. 
That's all folks! The reason why Thanos, Tony, Captain or Vision were not in this list is because they are no match to the above characters without their weapons (Gauntlet, Armors, Shield and Mind Stone).
Sorry to all those who couldn't make it, maybe next time!    
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