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How to connect your device to Apple TV?

You want to connect your device to Apple TV and found it difficult.It's not that difficult.

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Connect your device to Apple TV  is simple and easy task by using this guide.
First of all you need to make sure that the TV and Apple TV devices are connected properly and powered on.
1.Open the wireless network settings on your iOS device.
2.select OCCiTV from settings.
3. Enter the password for OCCiTV.
4.You can get the password  by calling the IT Help Desk at X7120.
5.If this step doesn't work with the correct password then the device?s wireless adapter may need to be reset. 
6.For resetting the adapter swipe to turn off the Wi-Fi adapter.
7.Now Double tap on the Home key and then scroll all of the way to the left. 
8. Tap on the icon and you will see a list of Apple TV Devices.
9.Select the  Apple TV Device from the list and enable mirroring.If mirroring option is not shown then it might be possible that your device is not supported.

10.A Passcode dialog will appear now Look at the TV or projector. You will see a passcode on the screen. Type the passcode in that to finish connecting to the device.

The passcode entering time will out after 30 seconds. If the passcode disappears before you  enter it then  select Cancel and then retry connecting to the Apple TV device.

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