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Preprocessor and it's features in C ( module 3).

In this module we will discuss on the concepts of preprocessor and their features briefly.

This is the 3rd module on learning C with us. Earlier we discussed on the basic introduction and structure of C. In this section we will discuss on the concepts of preprocessor and the features of it in C language. 

Concept of preprocessor :-
C preprocessor is a program that processes source program before it is passed to the compiler. Preprocessor commands often known as directives.
 We can write C programs without knowing anything about the preprocessor or its features or facilities. But preprocessor is such a great convenience that virtually all C programs rely on it.

Features of  C preprocessor :-
The C programs is often known as 'source code'. The preprocessor works on the source code and creates 'Expanded source code'.
If the source code is stored in a file pr1.i. It is this expanded source code that is sent to the compiler for compilation.
The preprocessor offers several features called preprocessor directives. Each of these preprocessor directives begins with a #symbol. The directives can be placed anywhere in a program but are most often placed at the beginning of a program.
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