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Keywords and identifiers in C language (module 6).

In this module we will discuss on the different keywords and identifiers used in C and difference between them.

This is the 6th module on learning C with us. Earlier we discussed on the basic introduction and structure of C, preprocessor it's features, intermediate and executable codes. compilation process and execution process of a C program.  In this section we will briefly discuss on the various keywords and identifiers used in C.
Keywords :-
Keywords are the words that are reserved by the C for specific purposes and may not be used as identifiers. The meaning of keywords has already been known to C compiler.

There are 32 keywords in C.
Identifiers :-
Names of the variables and other programs elements such as functions, array etc. are known as identifiers.
There are few rules that govern the way variable are named (identifiers) :-
1. Identifiers can be named from the combinations of A-Z , a-z , 0-9 , & , _ (underscore).
2. The first alphabet of the identifier should be either an alphabet or an underscore. Digit are not allowed.
3. It should not be keyword. Eg. name, ptr, sum.
Difference between keywords and identifiers used in C :-
The basic difference between keywords and identifiers is that keywords are inbuilt functions and identifiers are user made functions.

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