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SEO friendly title for a website to catch more visitor

Choose a search engine optimized (SEO) optimized title tag to increase visitor in the website and increase search engine ranking

The website title is the first thing which both website visitor and the search engine both pay attention to. So choosing a appropriate title is crucial for the having large number of visitor in the website. The following things should be remember while choosing a search enigine optimized (SEO) title for the website.
  1. Title tag length: Google and other search engine used maxiamum width to determine where to cut the title. So the title should be such that it fits in the device width. The title of 50-60 character is ideal for better search engine visualization.
  2. Keywords in the title: The title should have main keywords of the page. But the keywords should not be repeated as it give a sence of spam to the search engines. The title should be informative and should give the gist of the page

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