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The Entrepreneurs That Got Fired from his own company

The LIST of Entrepreneurs That Got Fired from his own company

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The Entrepreneurs That Got Fired from his own company

 A company is not just another thing for the person who has given his heart and soul to it. People who made her shine the brightest among all the competitors feel bad when they the roots. The reason is that they too grew up with the company and it is an integral part of their life. Few people like that who handled the situation in a much better way are listed below: 

Andrew Mason of Groupon 

Groupon grew with him and fell in the middle his wrong decision to sell the company's stake let him get fired, he was declared the worst CEO too by CNBC. He shared this news with his family at Groupon with a very interesting humor and the spirit in which he took the whole was commendable and appreciated by all. He later became a musician and released his albums. 

Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy 

One of the highest paid CEO and the person who devoted himself completely to the targets to be overachieved was voted down by his directors and he had to step down as the chairman of the company. The way he handled the business was unique but the others didn't appreciate his directions. 

Mike Lazaridis of Blackberry 

The name of the company was the celebrities main tag and the franchise had a great response during 2000 when was launched by this company. But with the decreasing popularity and really competitive attitude of the people in similar league forced him to step down as Vice-Chairman but soon after the launch of Blackberry 10 he has left the company. 

Rob Kalin of Esty 

The co-founder Chad Dickerson succeeded him as he left the company for the second and last time. He initially left the company but rejoined, later he called it a quit as the way he was dealing with the things was not at all appreciable for a successful leader. 

Jerry Yang of Yahoo

 Inc His rejection to Microsoft was the biggest mistake as the introduction of Google to the world took all his shine away and first down as Board of director and later cut all his ties with the company. 

David Neeleman of Jet Blue 

He founded the airline but could not maintain the profit for a long period of time and company demanded a new leader and so he had to leave his position to somebody more responsible. 

Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc 

His instinct doubted and was forced to leave the company but he became the savior and made it the biggest hit by contributing his ideas and his leadership made the biggest franchise in the smartphone market. 

Martin Eberhard of Tesla Motors 

The passionate vision behind this big company is unknown, the engineer who had the vision to take charge of this idea and make it a reality was demoted to and later he left followed by his own company and out of court settlement was done for the same. 

Jack Dorsey of Twitter 

He left then came back. The reason was immaturity of his age and a teen more engaged in yoga and fashion designing but when he came back he was better than before. 

George Zimmer of Men?s Wearhouse 

He had another idea to make it a private limited company which was not supported by the board and led him to leave the position in the company founded by him. 

Travis Kalanick of Uber 

The well-known case of sexual harassment that broke out in media had forced the company to make this hard decision but the man is still a part of the board of directors    
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