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I wanted to be a successful leader and failed, let us know why?

How to be a successful leader? Know here....

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The employer or manager yelling at employees: "You are the cause of all the company's problems." This is a simple example of "the right place for a man not appropriate", which calls for reflection.

When is someone fit for the role of leader and when not to be? 

What causes the success of one of them and the other failed?  

Do not fit the role of the leader for all but requires anyone who has the ability to toil and perseverance, in the early years of busy work, many of whom access to money and power, forgetting many important things that serve as the foundation stone for the success of this work...

1 - Failed commander blame others for all problems

"I am not guilty" this is the first thing that occurs to those who do not want the same accounting. Of course others accountable is a good thing, but do not always receive the blame on others, you will not be wrong in everything. So if you want to be successful, think before you indicate the finger and blame someone.

Do you always blame the captain?

 Bear team leader responsible for the company's business from the outside perspective to her, while the young staff takes that responsibility from the internal perspective, so the virtual to blame for all the problems is the commander, thereby requiring the search of who caused the problem and accused him of negligence. On the other hand, praised the efficient of them. 

2 - Failed commander lacks enthusiasm and passion for work  

If you do not commander curious what he was doing he would not give him all of his will give him only the crumbs, and passion does not require any external behavior one needs to do and does not require concentration and walk on certain steps, but it always comes from the inside. So, if the leader himself did not find engrossed to the bone to do its work, if either he has to make a greater effort, or it was time to hand over the reins of the business to someone else more efficient.

3- Failed commander lacks empathy and integration with staff 

A good leader needs to build good relations. It is necessary to trust others and the exchange of cultures and different opinions, each person has something to offer for the success of the system, you see a lot of business owners spend their money right and left in multiple projects and ignore the fact that everyone in the system as a pillar of the pillars. So if you want to become a successful leader, concerned with good teamwork their knowledge and learn them, all of us have good ideas and opinions. Is there anyone who filled his mind only? 

4- Failed commander always ready to sacrifice its values and principles 

Ethics, values, morals, fired them what you want, but those things should be planted depths cannot be moved, not even recite with problems, stand and fight for what you believe; because at the moment you find yourself justifying the decision not feel is right, you are you need to re-evaluate yourself again, this one of the biggest failures that occur; because when the leader gives up his principles followed by the entire company, what do you think in a company where everyone abandons his principles? 

How to be a successful leader
I wanted to be a successful leader and failed
let us know why
M E Elerian
writer at newsandstory.com