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What is AutoCorrect function in Word?

Here we learn about What is AutoCorrect function in Word.

What is AutoCorrect Function in Word?
AutoCorrect is a function that enables Word to perform some automatic editing features while you type. Follow the steps below to perform this function.
  1. Click on Tools and select AutoCorrect.
  2. An AutoCorrect window appears with four tabs.
  3. Click on the AutoCorrect tab to bring it forward.
  4. In this option, you can tell Word which mistakes or errors you want corrected automatically.
  5. There is also a section that lists common typos and misspellings that Word will automatically replace once found.
AutoFormat As you Type allows you to tell Word what automatic formatting features you want to take place as you type. Autoformatting such as Automatic Bulleted and Numbered lists, Ordinals with superscript (1st), and Fractions with fraction character (1/2) can all be enabled by clicking in the boxes next to the options.
AutoText gives us suggestions of possible words as you type. It only takes a few letters before Word recognizes a possible match and offers you a suggestion. A box will appear with the word(s) in it. If you began typing is the word(s) you want, just press Enter. Word will then complete the word(s) you started typing.
What is AutoCorrect Function in Word
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