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Government brings solutions to speed up the FSSAI registration procedure

These days the FSSAI Registration is becoming a delayed process. hence, FSSAI has now brought some crucial measures to accelerate the process of getting FSSAI registration & FSSAI license.

Are you facing delay in the process of getting FSSAI license or FSSAI registration? Well, this has come as a major problem for many of the food business operators (FBOs) in India. Today, there are several food businesses in India that have applied for obtaining FSSAI registration but are suffering badly due to the several delays in the registration process from the authority end. Hence, the government has now proposed some corrective measures to deal with this problem and speed up the FSSAI registration process in India.
We will try to understand those important measures in detail. But, first of all, let us know the importance of FSSAI registration.
1. Why is FSSAI registration important?
FSSAI registration, also called the food license is certainly a basic legal requirement that each & every FBO in India has to fulfil in order to start in on any type of activity with respect to the food business in general. The FSSAI registration is a compulsory step that has to be taken by all the food business operators, whether running on a small scale or on a large scale. Moreover, it has to be taken irrespective of the nature of the business, whether it’s a retail unit, restaurant, exporter, supplier or even packaging of food items. 
2. What is the objective of getting FSSAI registration?
The core objective behind obtaining the FSSAI registration is to make sure that safe, secure, pure, fresh and healthy food products are being sold to the buyers. 
3. Why is the FSSAI registration process getting delayed?
The entire FSSAI registration process purely depends upon the processing from the Government Authority ends. Generally, this takes a great deal of time. Alarmingly, the procedure involved in getting the FSSAI registration or FSSAI license is encountering repeated postponement from the Authority ended. This is exactly where the actual delay is arising, due to which the FBOs are suffering a serious inconvenience. Surprisingly, there are several cases where the individuals are currently not able to obtain the basic FSSAI registration even after more than 2 or 3 month's time. The Government has serious take note of this issue and has now planned for making the FSSAI registration procedure simpler than before.  
 4. What measure has FSSAI given for speeding up of registration procedure? 
The food safety regulator Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has now released a lucid notification to all the FSSAI Commissioners of various States of India. In that notification, FSSAI has told that there is no need of involving the too much credentials for the processing of the application for food license aka FSSAI registration to the FBOs.   
The notification has also given a guideline that the state-level food safety commissioners must not unnecessarily ask for additional or inappropriate documents for the purpose of FSSAI license or FSSAI registration. Mostly, the extra papers demanded by the authority are not even applicable to the specific criteria for endorsement of the application for FSSAI registration.
 5. How will the authority avoid unnecessary records for FSSAI registration? 
Within the FSSAI notification itself, it has been clearly mentioned that redundant records for FSSAI registration can be easily prevented. This can be simply taken care of if the departments duly refer to the FLRS portal. On the FSSAI Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) site itself, the entire catalogue of all the necessary documents that are compulsory for FSSAI registration of every kind of food business (FBOs) has been updated already. The FSSAI licensing departments must stick to those guidelines while completing the processing of the FSSAI applications. 
 6. What to do if any extra documents are mandatory? 
There are some cases, where the extra documents are compulsorily required or must be furnished for the FSSAI registration process. In case the extra documents are considered essential, then the reason for the same must be given by the department for uploading those documents on FLRS portal. These reasons shall be duly submitted to the Food Safety Commissioner or the FSSAI Director Regional Office for the purpose review.
7. How to handle repeated objections in FSSAI applications?
Another big difficulty arises when frequent objections are raised to the FSSAI application by the FSSAI authorities and that too on a case by case basis. This thing causes annoyance when the user is subject to repeated clarification throughout the FSSAI registration process.
 In the FSSAI notification, it has been stated further that henceforth inquiries should not be put up in repeated ways throughout the processing of applications. Instead, the FSSAI application must now be inspected thoroughly. Thereafter all the discrepancies in the FSSAI application must be reported only once to the user so that he can resolve them there & then. 
 This way only the FSSAI registration procedure will become faster & easier. 


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